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Just like anything else at your home, a small garage door issue can easily become a burden if you wait for months to get it repaired. This is the most common scenario when it comes to garage door panel replacement. Do you see some dents on your garage door panel? Did someone run straight into your garage door and left some bends? If any of these happened, there is an immediate need to get the garage door panel replaced. However, you should know that it needs professional intervention.

At Davidson Garage Doors, we provide garage door panel repair as well as replacement service. Your home is and will always be an asset. Thus, it deserves the best in every possible way. This is why you should always call the best when it comes to garage door panel replacement. Our experts will make sure to get back the beautiful look of your garage door with panel replacement services.

A garage door comes in various designs like - long panels, short panels, a garage door panel with windows, and many more. However, with time the panels face normal wear & tear and get damaged. 

Thus, if you have a dented garage door panel, do not think twice and get it replaced. After all, your garage door is one of the very first things that gets noticed. And, at many homes, the garage door takes up a significant amount of the house’s area, which faces the street. This creates a bad impression on the people who pass near your house.

Thus, if your garage door is damaged or looks broken, it will also not function efficiently. More importantly, by not getting the broken panels replaced, you are compromising the safety of your property. 

The experts of Davidson Garage Doors will get the broken garage door panels replaced the same day you call us. We have the expertise to handle any garage door panel repair or replacement project. All you need to do is, call us at - 704-753-7310.

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Why do you need a garage door panel replacement?

There are many different reasons why you might need help with the garage door panel replacement. Your garage door won’t operate smoothly and gets jammed if you don’t replace the broken panels. If the panels have dents, garage doo will look unpleasant. However, most homeowners wonder if a garage door panel replacement is the right thing for your garage and home.

When it comes to the exterior part of the garage door, panels are the ones that you see from outside. And you should know that a garage door panel replacement doesn’t mean replacing all the panels. Only those panels are replaced that are damaged or broken. 

Also, a damaged garage door panel could damage the other moving parts of the garage door system. This can affect the garage door’s functionality to a great extent. Above all, your safety is heavily compromised when you use a garage door with broken panels.

Davidson Garage Doors is just a call away! Our experts are trained and experienced in repairing and replacing all kinds of garage door panels. No matter who has installed your garage door, we can still replace those broken panels in no time. We make sure that your garage door panels are replaced the same day you call us.

To book an appointment, call us at 704-753-7310. Our team of garage door technicians will be at your place on time.

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Everything you should know about our garage door panel replacement process

Are you curious to know how our professionals replace the garage door panels? Replacing a garage door panel is a multi-stage process performed by technicians with extensive mechanical experience. In addition to selecting a compatible panel for your door, Davidson Garage Doors professionals will ensure that the panel fits properly. Therefore, the panel replacement will never negatively impact the function of your garage door operating system. After you call us for the garage door panel replacement, the process of replacing garage panels include the following:

Preparing the site

A technician will begin by putting your garage door in a closed position. For safety purposes, they may also turn off power to the automatic door opener. The technician may then carefully remove the springs in the system to prevent any accident.

Removing the damaged panel

Our technicians are equipped with specialized tools and knowledge. They will either separate the panel to access the damaged one if necessary. Further, they will detach the damaged panel from the hinges that connect it to other panels.

Replacing the broken panel

Once the damaged panel is removed, the technician will install the new panel and reattach the hinges. They will then ensure that the new panel is functioning correctly.

Matching the new panel to the old

Finally, to ensure the new garage panel replacement fits in with the other garage door sections. The technician can refinish or repaint the panel or the whole garage door to give it a subtle look.

With the right installation, your new garage door panel will blend in with the existing panels. We are trusted by the citizens of Davidson, NC, since 2010 for quality garage door panel replacement. To learn more about our service, call us at 704-753-7310.

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If you have a damaged garage door panel, it is not ideal to fix it on your own. Your best course of action here is to consult an experienced professional garage door company. 

Davidson Garage Doors is available 24/7 to provide you with quality garage door panel replacement service. We will inspect and analyze the whole garage door system to determine that a garage door panel replacement is the smartest choice.

With our professional team of garage door experts, we can resolve all kinds of garage door issues. Give us a call at 704-753-7310. We have a solution for all your garage door problems.

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If you have any other queries regarding the garage door panels replacement services that Davidson Garage Doors offer, you can always call us at 704-753-7310. We are just a call away.